Express Trader Course

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  I finally can 'see' why I was constantly losing money" - Eric S., Dallas, TX

"Finally, A great trader shows you what to look for and HOW to trade it.  Green 3 days in a row now!" - Daniel G., Fort Meyers FL.

"OMG, I wasted so much time and lost so much money before.  Wish I would have done this ages ago, what a difference.  Thanks!" - Christina C., Apple Valley, CA

 "A perfect combo, ET and DSTI, makes it so easy.  I'm finally not afraid to make the trade and take the profits $$$, my friends don't believe it until I show them the trades and now they want to do it too..." - M.A., NY

The Express Trader is our accelerated course for Investors, Swing Traders, and Day Traders seeking essential trading skills and proven trading techniques.  This is a complete course on how to trade our favorite signals consistently and profitably.  The setups and signals identified in our Daily Scans and Trade Ideas are covered in this course.  This course is for every Active Trader seeking proven methods to improve their consistency and bottom line performance.

Express Trader Topics covered:

·         Stock Basics

·         Trading Attitude/Perspective

·         Understanding Risk management, Risk Rules, Discipline

·         Trading Long setups (three of our favorite setups with trading videos)

·         Trading Short setups (three of our favorite setups with trading videos)

·         New Bonus Section - How to trade the Dip-n-Rip!!!

The Express Trader provides you everything you need to become a consistently profitable trader.  Learning and trading just these seven simple and reliable trade setups will provide you profits time and time again.  Choose to become the independent, self reliant, and successful trader you want to be.  [Stream to any device now, watch it as many times as you want, 4h 48min]

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